Social Responsibility


Social Responsible

At Sedar Homes Consult, we are dedicated to becoming an industry leader in corporate citizenship by creating a sustainable future for generations to come.  We strive to integrate our long term economic, environmental and social dimensions into the way we successfully operate our business. Our environmental commitment is to reduce the global impact of our operations which enables both Sedar Homes Consult and our customers to function more resourcefully through improved health, education and environmental protection.

Sedar Homes Consult is committed to a working environment that minimizes the risk to the safety and health of all employees. We make every effort to address both the environmental and health impact of our operations by reducing waste and emissions, and sustain an incident and injury free work environment.

One of our main priorities is to give back to communities in which we live and work. We continue to leverage our social commitment through volunteerism, employee giving, and support of global and local non-profits.


Sedar Homes Consult sustainability initiatives are rooted in our values. Our uncompressing commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment is one of our core company values.

We implement numerous safety programs designed to keep our employees and subcontractors healthy and productive, with the goal to empower all workers to take ownership of their own safety and their colleagues’ safety-even stopping work to correct potential hazards.

We volunteer with and donate funds to charitable organization and cause that align with our mission of improving health, education and the environment.

We are protective of the environment and strive to minimize our impact wherever we operate. In this way, our commitments to our values create tangible value for our clients.