Our Services

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development is one of our areas of core competence. Sedar Homes Smart Developers has extensive experience in the development of office, residential, industrial and retail real estates. Sedar Homes Smart Developers Team works closely with her clients and professionals to create real estate facilities that maximize property values on a cost effective basis. We do this by first completely understanding our client’s needs and combining this with our market knowledge and development expertise.

Sedar Homes Consult Limited has the capability to manage all facets of the development process including:

  • Project Feasibility; Financial Engineering; Master planning; Due Diligence Services
  • Pre-construction services; Engineering; Exterior and interior Design Solutions
  • Estimating; Scheduling; Planning; Zoning Services
  • Permitting Services
  • Quality Control
  • Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Lease Transaction Services
  • Dispositions
  • Site Plan Approval Services
  • Governmental Approval Services


Sedar Homes Smart Developers delivers a staff of highly-trained construction professionals, a wealth of knowledge and innovative solutions to every project. Many of our construction professionals have more than 25 years of experience managing complex projects. Finding a company that mitigates risk, takes proactive measures, rewards safety performance, routinely executes with no recordable or lost time incidents and minimizes environmental and social impact is critical when choosing constructor.

Whether the projects are large capital, small capital or packaged, single-disciplined scopes, Sedar Homes Consult Limited approaches each project with the same level of professionalism, integrity and a commitment to HS&E excellence Sedar Homes Consult Limited can support projects of any size providing “fit of purpose” tools and execution methods.

Commissioning and Start-up Services

Sedar Homes Smart Developers has the tools needs to ensure he proper installation and operation of systems prior to the handover to the end user. Our successful track record of testing and commissioning procedures helps develop a steadfast facility commissioning plan and comprehensive schedule to meet our client needs.

Establishing milestones and identifying critical paths to accomplish the successful integration of commissioning activities have helped us become an industry leader in construction projects. With a company-wide focus on safety and quality our capabilities include design, procurement and construction execution in addition to the start-up required to create a thriving project.

Property Management

The effective management of real estate assets can make a significant contribution to the bottom line. For owners and investor, improved valuations, funds from operations, tenant retention and return      on investment are key measures of the performance of their real estate assets.

We deliver innovative real estate management solutions that support these business objectives. Our integrated management and reporting services are effectively executed by a dedicated team of professionals. Our experience and expertise span commercial, retail and industrial property types, and include all of the resources and expertise of Sedar Homes Smart Developers Real Estate global organization.

Sedar Homes Smart Developers Real Estate Property Management Services include:

  • Office, Industrial, retail, and multi-family property management
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Cost control and cash management
  • Facilities management
  • Project and construction management
  • Tenant and community relation
  • Lease administration and renewal
  • Sustainability strategies and implementation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Service provider selection and supervision
  • Capital and operating budget preparation and implementation

Facility Management Services

Sedar Homes Smart Developers understands that facility management is a major component in the profitability of your business. We know that busy real estate executives need safe and efficient real estate operations aligned with their strategic real estate financial goals, cost reduction objectives and workforce mandates. Sedar Homes Consult Limited professionals can help. Our clients benefit of only from our comprehensive approach to their real estate issues, but also from our broad experience in management of office, industrial and retail properties in a range of industries and critical operating environments. Facilities management services include

  • Building operations
  • Operating cost management
  • Network of strategic partners and preferred suppliers
  • Reporting systems and technology
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Space planning and allocation of space and furniture
  • Maintenance and inventory control of furniture, equipment and telecommunications equipment
  • Maintenance, security, administrative and office services contracts
  • Internal cost allocation of real estate costs

Brokerage Services

Sedar Homes Smart Developers provides brokerage services for major corporations, pension funds, developers, entrepreneurs, small and midsize companies, and financial institutions. Our licensed professionals are deeply involved in the Nigerian real estate market and are well positioned to market properties and uncover hidden opportunities for our clients. We are supported by an extensive array of market research and analytical tools that’s that allow us to  provide clients with detailed market information and to identify and analyze competitive properties and prevailing market conditions to make the best possible leasing and investment decision. From the smallest deal to the largest, we work diligently to achieve our clients goals.

Our brokerage expertise encompasses the following areas.

  • Office sales and leasing
  • Industrial sales and leasing
  • Retail sales and leasing
  • Land sales and leasing
  • Investment property sales

Our brokerage expertise encompasses the following areas:

We employ today’s most highly regarded property search engines including www.privateproperty.com and pride ourselves on utilizing progressive technology to produce the best results. Our brokers are affiliated with many professional organizations and maintain membership that keep them constantly in the market promoting Sedar Homes Consult Limited, which means that every client listing is being exposed as well.

Mortgage Consulting

We consult both for buyers and sellers on available mortgage options, comparative analysis of available mortgages and recommend the best option per property.

Project Monitoring, Planning and Programming

Sedar Homes Consult Limited experienced mangers serves as client representatives, reviewing both time and cost performance during the project to empower and enable them with informed decision-making tools.

Managing contractual liabilities and commercial exposure, Sedar Homes Consult Limited planning unit provides a wide range of services based on planning tools and software that facilitate he overall control process.

Environmental Services

Our local, government, industrial and commercial clients turn to us to provide comprehensive environment planning, assessment, restoration and prevention services. We have extensive with complex and evolving government regulations, polices and guidelines.

From site assessments and investigation, to the complete range of remedial activities, to decontamination and demolition; our environmental scientists, engineers, and technicians have the skills and expertise to perform a wide variety of environmental cleanup work for our clients in the energy/utility sector.

Across multiple markets and industries, Sedar Homes Consult Limited also works closely with clients and stakeholders to provide services that address issues of natural resource management, ecology, air/water quality, noise impact, flood risk, transportation documentation, socioeconomics, cultural heritage, wetland habitats, urban planning, and many other environmental consideration.


We relish the opportunity to help a client realize a vision through our planning capabilities. Our planning teams are leaders in real estate strategies, demographic and economic analysis, facility and infrastructure planning, utilities and angry master planning, site development, permitting, community involvement, and workplace strategies_ _to name a few.

We have a knack for understanding our clients’ unique challenges, establishing parameters, and developing recommendations that respond to their specific issues.

Specific planning services offered Sedar Homes Consult Limited include:

  • Demographic, financial, risk analysis and economic appraisal
  • Funding & commercial advice
  • Site selection & land development
  • Permitting studies and permitting assistance
  • Asset management & facilities planning
  • Real estate & market analysis
  • Geospatial information systems (GIS)
  • Programming, master planning and conceptual design
  • Stakeholder facilitation
  • Utilities consulting, assessment, forecasting, strategy
  • Surveying


Companies and government agencies with complex and programs turn to us for the best prices, highest quality materials, and lowest risk to create and maintain one of the smoothest supply chains in Nigeria.

With years of purchasing experience on projects (Both small and enormous), we partner with the best strategic suppliers for basic and fabricated materials, word-class logistics for delivery and inspection, and industry-leading accounting and inventory controls.

Leveraging our partnerships with safe, ethical, and environment responsible vendors and contractors, we are able to deliver high quality, cost effective procurement services.

Our global team of contract and procurement professionals provides an integrated range of services including management of contracts, purchasing, tendering, award formation and administration, inspection, expediting, quality control, logistics, and materials management.

Our specific procurement services include:

  • Procurement planning
  • Purchasing
  • Sub-contracting & vendor sourcing
  • Transportation & logistics support
  • Field materials (Bulk materials)
  • Warehousing & inventory management.