sedar homes

Sedar Homes Smart Developers was established in early 2015 with the vision of becoming a leading Nigeria Real Estate Development, Management, Advisory and Consultancy company for local, national and multinational clientele.

Since inception, the company has grown steadily, providing professional, excellent, cost-effective and timely real estate development and consultancy services to a myriad clientele including: the Federal and State Governments, private individuals as well as a host of other corporate clientele. We are real estate construction engineers, consultants, brokers and managers. At Sedar Homes Consult Limited, we add value by creating ideal outcomes for both private and commercial clients thereby ensuring maximum return on investment on all their projects.

Guided by our ethics of providing sustainable solutions to our clients, we have achieved client satisfaction each and every time we deal with any of our clients. This is partly due to our high business standards and also to our high performance team of experts. Our philosophy is that all successful projects are founded on the people responsible for the project and


At Sedar Homes Smart Developers, our skills as real estate developers and asset management experts is focused on exceeding the needs of Nigerian property, owners. In pursuit of our mission, our staff always strive to maintain the company’s high standards of professionalism, design innovation and accountability. Our success is eternally bound to the satisfaction of our clients.


Sedar Homes Smart Developers is dedicated to constant enhancement of its role as a leading real estate development company in Nigeria. Our commitment to excellence in both design and construction techniques drives this clear vision.

Our culture

Sedar Homes Smart Developers culture promotes a well-established structure within our company that motivates staff to fully embrace our core values, helping us achieve our vision and reach our mission. At Sedar Homes Consult Limited, we encourage each and every staff member to meet their full professional and personal potentials with skills training and workforce development. Sedar Homes Consult Limited’s pragmatic culture has positioned us a leading high-end real estate development and asset management company.

Our core value

At Sedar Homes Smart Developers, our  highly reputable values are the building blocks of our company vision, promising a pursuit of professional excellence in every project we complete. Sedar Homes Consult Limited core value include::

  • Client-focused professionalism
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Personal responsibility
  • Constant learning
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Project flexibility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Global adaptability
  • Attentiveness to quality